Hydraulic Hose Test Benches

The CustomCrimp "BE" Series Test Benches are designed with features that make proof and burst testing of production hose assemblies a quick and easy procedure.

Manual High Pressure Test Bench BE
For testing hydraulic hoses
Manual High Pressure Test Bench BE
      BE Series Test Bench

Electronic Test Bench BEPLC
      BE Electronic Test Bench
Technical specifications:
  • Test pressure range to 50,000 psi (3500 bar) at 85 psi air
  • Programmable electronic model with paper tape printout
  • Zero to 5000 psi low pressure gage available
  • 1/2" polycarbonate safety window
  • Powder coat finish for durability
  • Test area is at a convenient working height
  • Interior coated with polyurethane bed liner material
  • Automatic pressure cut off when door is opened
  • 6 port multiple outlet manifold is standard
  • Built in work light for good visibility during testing
  • Pressure medium is standard tap water outlet
  • Full front opening allows hose to be loaded on a skid
  • Interior Dimensions: 18" high X 35 " wide X 71" long
  • Weight 750 lb

  • Electronic Test Bench BEPLC

    Three pressure ranges are available:

    BE1500: 1500 bar (21,500psi)
    BE2500: 2500bar (37,500psi)
    BE3500: 3500 bar (50,000psi)